Monday, September 26, 2011

CutMyPic Update:007

Ok, just finished one more update that gives Bloggers the world over the ability to put CutMyPic Step 1 into their blog or website. Just copy and past a simple line of code and voilĂ ! CutMyPic will appear on your page as it does on the left side of this blog. I made it in two sizes for now. The one on the left side of this blog is the large one. Pictured below is the small one. I *could make it even smaller, but I'd like to see if there is any demand for it first.
Also added some buttons, and images for people to use if they are just wanting a to link into the page. I'll post a pic below this of the medium sized button as an example. Hope this gets the word out about our little tool!

Click on one of the following to goto our media page and get the code!

Happy Cutting!

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